Rock the coat

This weekend i decided to do the switch with my wardrobe and packed away all my chunky knits and fur coats and brought out the floral prints, the light weight skimpy clothes and summer dresses. In an ideal world i’d not need to do this but due to severe lack of space in my wardrobe i felt that it was time. Bringing out the summer clobber is of course sheer optimism as clearly the weather is not as ready as i am.

However, whats done is done and now i have a dilemma. Where the weather isn’t quite there yet i need jackets. Lightweight yet warm jackets. Summer jackets have to be the hardest thing to just throw on as the colour has to be right.  I’ve been making do with my leather biker jacket and occasionally rocking out the pink jacket (the one on my homepage) but this doesn’t always cut it.

Having had a browse these are some of the ones i’ve spotted out and about.

(inspiration board images taken from pinterest)

The classic denim jacket (we’ve all got one somewhere – dig it out!)




The Floral Bomber –




Leather –

denim jacket


Drape Jackets/Trench coats – (All below available in stores currently – warehouse pink/yellow/denim drape jacket £95, ZARA Flowing Trench £59.99, ZARA Loose Fit trench £79.99)







Zara always offer a great selection of jackets – here’s a few randoms which i quite like…prices vary from 49.99 – 79.99

zara jackets


That’s all for today guys…

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