Let The Sun Shine

It’s officially 5 weeks to my holiday! This only means one thing; prep time! The idea of wearing a bikini right now is mortifying. So here is a climpse of what i will have on my agenda over the next … Continue reading

Countdown to a new year


The year is almost up and looking back 2012 for me has been an eventful year its had its ups and downs, dramas, excitements, achievements, along with tears of sadness and tears of joy. This is a time for reflection, looking back on the year and asking yourself are you happy?

Each of us will remember this year in different ways, we all have our individual stories and how we dealt with things at the time. The important part now is how we use these going forward and what we learnt from them.
“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss”F.Scott Fitzgerald
Those times you wish you’d done things differently or not done things at all have you where you are now. I’m a strong believer in things happening for a reason and speaking from experience there is no lesson better learnt than those you’ve dealt with first hand.
 Wise words
A new year is upon us, a fresh start. The time to focus on yourself and the things you wish to achieve over the next 12 months whether it be in your career, love life, health/fitness, kicking those bad habits, travelling somewhere exotic, buying a house, saving money or spending more time with the people you love and doing things that make you happy.

What are your aspirations for 2013?