Girl Brain – part 2

Evening all, hope you’re enjoying your bank holiday weekend. I had a super busy bank holiday during Easter so have decided to take this one easy and come home to the sea side to see my family. Weather was glorious which is always a bonus and as expected it was a food filled weekend with BBQs, pastries ice creams and mamma’s cooking. Mmm mmm mmm!

My post today is all about the difficulties we face as girls in the never ending boys vs girls battle of life. I have populated a list of 15 things guys will NEVER understand.

  1. The hair wash/gym day routine. Boys just don’t understand why you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday and if you’re a regular gym go-er this has an impact on the days you go. Simple, right?
  2. The underwear dilemma when packing for a weekend away. We’re talking white bra or black bra, strapless or strappy, small pants or big pants, not forgetting your trusty control underwear. These are all of course outfit dependent. If your packing multiple outfits expect multiple underwear options.
  3. Shopping = cardio. Don’t rush me – even if I’m window shopping or perusing the condiments aisle in the supermarket.
  4. Mood swings. (enough said)
  5. Why we continue to spend money our money on beautiful but painful shoes. We never learn.
  6. Needing to know where we are going in advance. No one wants to rock up to a fancy place in trainers and a casual tee. Preparation is key.
  7. We will rarely understand the off side rule and quite frankly we don’t care,
  8. Wardrobe wars. Click here for more info.
  9. Our life is a constant battle between eating what we want and dieting.
  10. How our hair grips get absolutely everywhere. Even we don’t know this one.
  11. Bridget Jones style pants despite how hideous they look are actually our secret favourite pair.
  12. Changing our hair is a crucial decision and has taken us a lot of research and debating. It’s a big f*cking deal, you should notice.
  13. Our minds work in overdrive. Whilst you’re thinking about one thing, we’re debating atleast 3 scenarios in our head, populating a mental to do list including time scales and a critical path and all the while trying to change the world.
  14. There’s always something we’d like to change about ourselves.
  15. We will never have sympathy for you when you have man flu. Grow a pair, take your meds, blow your nose and get on with it.


4 day week again guys!

Til next time



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