Damage Control

Happy Easter everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I have had a very busy one consisting of a lot of alcohol chocolate and some very tasty calorific foods. Having been on a major health kick since xmas i feel like this weekend has been one great big cheat weekend – oops!

But hey these things happen and now that i’ve destroyed my liver the only thing i want to consume over the next week is detoxifying foods. Now for the geeky bit – your liver is the second largest organ in your body (first being your skin) and is the bodies natural filter system which neutralises all the bad toxins you eat/drink/abuse your body with. So on a good day you’ll be full of beans, with clear skin, good hormone levels, good sleep and just generally a better, happier you. But when you’re feeling cranky, achey, irritable or feeling puffy these are signs of having a congested, overworked liver. Generally the latter come with nausea and we commonly know them as hangovers.

But if you feel it’s time to get cracking with some damage control and give your body some TLC here are some great tips;

12 Foods which cleanse your liver –

Avocado, Garlic, Green tea, Walnuts, Grapefruit, Olive Oil, Carrots, leafy greens, Turmeric, Apples, Cabbage, Beets, Broccoli.

Starting the day with warm water with a dash of lemon, mint, cucumber or ginger.

Drinking enough water – daily requirements will vary depending on your body (your body weight in kgs x 0.033 = litres of water you need to drink)

Remember detox doesn’t necessarily mean a juice diet, people often think detoxing is replacing meals with smoothies. This is not the case, you need to cut out the refined sugars and processed foods and just eat whole foods, which are high in fibre. I found the below images on pinterest which is just the basic rules to a simple detox followed by a food list to show what kind of foods you should avoid whilst doing a detox.





Detox foods

These are just the tips that i found helpful and thought to myself i could totally do this. But for now i’m going to tuck in to a nice cup of tea and a half eaten easter egg as it’s still a bank holiday after all ;) the detox starts tomorrow.

Til next time…



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