High Heel Free Zone

Mid heel fashion

I know a fair few people who will HATE the trend of the lower heel and an equal number of people who will be relieved that low heels are ok to wear again. About 7 years ago all my heels were a mid height and even then i called them ‘heels’ but then suddenly giant sky scrapers and platforms a.k.a stripper shoes came into play and we all upgraded to the tallest pair we could get our hands on and anything lower than a 4 inch heel was just not happening.

As fashion always does, things work there way back in and what you thought you’d never wear again – you do. So here we are ladies, brace yourselves because the heels are out and the mids and flats are in!! I’m not quite sure i can talk my way back into a kitten heel but a chunky block heel most certainly yes! Below are a few different styles i’ve spotted along the way with the last two from the YSL catwalk.

photo 1photo 2

ysl mid heel

Images from the burberry show below with all the models in mid heels


 Whats your thoughts on these guys? Are you ready to ditch the sky scraper heels?

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2 thoughts on “High Heel Free Zone

  1. I’m all for the tall heel simply because I have not yet come across any low heel that I would wear.. I think there mostly quite ugly looking tbh and that’s a trend I will not e following.

    • Hi, thanks for reading the post :) I think it will take people a while to get the idea. I’m undecided myself tbh but on the right person I think they could look great! Xxx

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