Hair Envy

After all the media hype with Kim Kardashians new hair cut i was instantly reminded that my hair is in need of some major TLC. 

I have to be totally honest here when i say i am so LAZY with my hair, it is long and at an unmanageable stage. Where my hair is so fine I have always tried to steer clear of layering, I find this gives me the best volume. However, it has got to the stage where i have to ask myself, does my hair remind me of a 12 year old? I hate having hair in my face, especially at work and generally end up with a messy pony or a quick top knot. This is one of the main reasons i talk myself out of getting it short.

After hours of ‘research’ i have picked some celebs who have gorgeous glossy locks. Sadly i am no closer to making up my mind i am now in a position with ideas and serious hair envy. 

Please note : You will notice all the below images are brunettes – this is purely because i have olive skin and dark eyes and the idea of blonde hair with my skin tone makes me want to vomit…


Jessica Alba always has such lovely hair, it’s not too over the top or styled to death. With these natural tones and soft curls this length is really cute. 

jessica alba hair


This woman is blessed with SO MUCH hair – Eva Mendes never fails to wow us with her beautifully bouncy hair. Again as above really loving this mid length.

eva mendes hair


At the other end of the spectrum we have longer styles with layering. Nicole Scherzingers hair is what stops me from the getting the chop. I just love long hair on me especially when its in a high pony.

On the downside long hair does require a lot of maintenance, did i mention i was lazy with my hair?

Nicoles hair always looks fab, although i must point out she does have full head of extensions and a stylist on standby 24/7 but hey, a girl can dream right?

Nicole Sherzinger Hair


nicole scherzinger hair


And lastly credit where it’s due, she might have zero talent but dam Kim Kardashian’s hair ALWAYS looks immaculate. I don’t care what anyone says she looks better with brown hair. 

Kim Kardashian hair



So here we are…what to do…what to do…?

Whats your fave from above?




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