Project clearout

Hands up if you have a ridiculous collection of half used toiletries, foundations, shampoos or samples stashed away in a deep dark corner of your room/bathroom cabinet…!

I am the WORST for this. I buy new products all the time and end up hearing about something else before going off to trial that one too. Quite simply I am a marketers dream. However, since this year has been all about saving money for me, putting every last penny in a house fund i have really had to be cautious with my money and stop spending for the sake of spending – girl problems right?


So i am slowly working through my drawer full of half bottles and successfully finishing each product – hurray! After having gone through 2 face washes already believe me when i say i still have another 5 to go…!

Unfortunately project clearout is harder to adapt to foundations as for me it’s either too dark, too light or too oily for my skin – the ones which are too oily are ditched without any hesitation. Those which are not quite the right colour i keep hold of as it comes in handy when mixing foundations – a little trick for when you’ve just come back from your holiday or if you’re a little on the pasty side.

Whilst saving money is no fun and giving up a few luxuries is painful i did discover some great alternatives that are real money savers with great results. Here are just a few below…

bourjois liquid liner laura mercier

mac concealer loreal

lancome maybelline mascara

st tropez st moriz fake tan

Have you discovered any alternatives for half the price? Share your thoughts below.

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