Sunny side up…

Spring is coming!!!! yippee..! Finally, it’s not fr-fr-freezing outside, the sun has come out to play and it’s not so dark and dreary when you wake up in the morning. It’s officially the beginning of the countdown to summer.

So yep I’m pretty excited about spring, warmer weather, flowers, bank holidays, pancake day, easter etc etc but more than anything i love the sudden injection of colour into our wardrobes. Especially when it’s my favourite colour yellow. It’s such a happy colour and i just love love love wearing it. 

So i thought i’d share with you what sort of things are out there and how can you incorporate yellow into your wardrobe by adding just one item of colour, however big or small. 

My favourite piece is this jacket with pocket details from ZARA for £99.99



Followed by this gorgeous YSL bag for £1180 net-a-porter



Embrace the midi trend with this dress from WAREHOUSE at £70.00





For those who aren’t brave enough for such a loud colour try something small like this headband from ASOS £18.00. Perfect for festival times.



Or even smaller detail with ‘I Can’t Cope-acabana’ from the OPI BRAZIL collection £11.95 or this luxe pyramid necklace from Warehouse for £26. 



Roll on summer time…(and pay day) as I will be hitting the shops for my spring wardrobe. 

Will you be investing in some yellow??

Would love to hear your thoughts

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