Valentines Shmalentines

So with less than 10 days to go, what does everyone have planned for their valentines evening?

For those of you saying yuuuuuuck! Don’t fear, you’re not on your own. There is a bunch of people who find the whole event a little nauseating. I for one never really cared for valentines, its just another day, right?

HOWEVER, times are changing. I think i’m getting more sentimental in my old age. The idea of receiving a big bunch of flowers and being spoilt sounds pretty good to me right now. Dinner for two, whether it be in the comfort of our own home with your jammies on or somewhere romantic the idea is to spend it with the person you love….orrrrr alternatively get together with your fellow single gals/lads and get boozy, eating calorific food and exchanging horror stories from past relationships, ex’s or whatever it may be. Anything to put a morbid spin on the term LOVE.

I for one will be fully embracing valentines day this year. Oh yes! Bring on the heart shaped foods!!!

valentines days

Having the luxury of living in London, there is always so much to do and so many places to go. It doesn’t have to be super cheesy like star gazing at the Royal Observatory. (although i think this idea is brilliant!! maybe not on valentines but definitely worth geeing it up another time!) Perhaps indulge in the aphrodisiac that is oysters at J.Sheekey or simply have a drunken naughty night out.

If this sounds like too much to organise and a lot more effort than you had hoped. A night in can be just as much fun with an indoor picnic. All you need is a blanket, some pillows, a bottle of wine and your favourite foods, (cheese and bread – need i say anymore). Simple.

If that doesn’t rock your boat, get in a takeaway or an m&s dine for two meal and have a relaxing night in with a movie or if you’re both competitive play old school board games or card games for favours, (if you know what i mean!)

valentines picnic

….and as for the rest of you bitter lot….


Hope you enjoyed the post!

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