The Slider!

So how do we really feel about this SS14 trend? Are toe posts a thing of the past?

The SS14 shows all suggest that this is our new staple footwear for the summer, hmmm really though? I’m still not convinced. As a Turk this is a trend that we have all grown up with and it was most certainly never considered as cool. For my Turkish bilingual readers it is the commonly known as something your nan would wear. (bildigin terlik?)

I have always been sceptical and will find it very hard to love this trend but would love to know if you super cool kids out there would rock it?

The below images have been taken from the SS14 shows from Issey Miyake, Missoni and Whistles. Followed by styles from Celine, Givenchy, Zara and Jimmy Choo.


The more sandal shape of this trend (less offensive) – with big focus on two colours with contrast soles.



Whistles SS14


Any favourites yet?

I mist admit i do like the Whistle pastel combination with the patent white sliders!


Clockwise from the top left, clean neutral double strap birkenstock style from Celine, White slider from Jimmy Choo, embellished double strap by Zara, floral double strap by Givenchy, flatform by Zara and Metallic gold and white sliders by Zara.

Zara seem to have the biggest collection currently available on the high street. So for those who aren’t offended by these bad boys you know where to go!

Hope you enjoyed the post guys

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