So January, the dreaded month of calorie counting, frantic exercising and going cold turkey.

After a nice long run up to Christmas enjoying drinks, socials, chocolates and dinners followed by Christmas day binge eating and adopting the f*ck it it’s Christmas attitude! It’s now time to face the truth, put down the chocolate bar and join the rest of the nation with their goals to eat better, exercise more, drink less, smoke less etc etc.

As a society we are OBSESSED with calorie counting and fad diets. Personally, I have always been aware of what i’ve eaten and have randomly educated myself on foods, nutrition and diets over the years. I don’t believe in starving yourself and cannot stress to you enough the importance of exercise in your everyday life.

To be completely honest with you I go through phases with the gym, but I know that once you get going a few times and get motivated and start seeing the results you will be hooked.

squats are a girls best friend

My aim is to get myself to the gym at least 3 times a week. In addition to this I will be cutting out sugar from my diet – this is the hardest one for me as I cant refuse chocolate. To beat my cravings I am drinking more water, eating nuts and fruits as snacks.

I am not a big carb eater at the best of times but I have been indulging in all the good stuff lately. So the time has come to cut down on the carbs. They are in more foods than you think so it is almost impossible to cut them out completely unless you want a very strict diet. My policy is to reduce my carb intake by not eating them for dinner.  Many people struggle with breakfast but wholegrain cereals or porridge is a great start to the day, giving you a slow release of energy and keeping you fuller for longer.  Trust me it works.

Eat clean

During the week I have salads for lunch, which must include some form of protein, either wise you just end up eating leaves. Chicken, Turkey, fish, quinoa, egg – these are just a few of my usuals. Home made soup is also a good source of nutrition as a bonus you could end up having your 5 a day in just one meal.

Dinners again consisting of protein and vegetables/salads. This is the most tricky meal of the day as you have very little time to burn the calories naturally therefore portion control is key and making sure you are eating more of the greens and protein than the carbs – if any at all.

For those with a sweet tooth, if you can’t resist a dessert – try eating fat free greek yogurt, with honey and fruit toppings such as figs, bananas, strawberries – the possibilities are endless.

yoghurt and berries

With these few changes to your diet you will not only give your body a break of all the bad stuff but see a difference in your waist line.

Most importantly don’t forget to reward yourself with treats every now and again. Whether your weakness is pasta or cake you should most definitely allow cheeky treats.

What are you doing to eat healthy? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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