Happy Birthday Rosetintedpages!!!

So where have these last 12 months gone? This time last year I decided to start my own blog on all things beauty, fashion and life. Rose tinted pages is still very new But I am so pleased with the progress it’s made and the number of people it’s reached. So a big THANK YOU from me to all of you who have been reading and following. Hoping for the next year to be bigger and better and full of great posts and giveaways to offer you guys :)

 Happy birthday rosetinted pages

As it’s the 1 year anniversary I am going to take a step back over the last 12 months and show you some of Rose tinted pages best bits. I have included links below please click through and enjoy :)

Drapers Next Generation…a truly inspiring day definitely worth a read for those who work in the fashion industry…

Drapers next generation

Be bold be beautiful….a fun post on statement lips!


With a follow up post on hot pink lips

Pink lips

My love for Olivia Palermo remains strong. Writing about her style was one if my favourite posts. (I feel a part 2 is definitely needed!)

Olivia Palermo

And last but not least an insight into the girl brain…(this ones also one of my favourites!)

Here’s to another great year!!

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