A weekend away…

A girls weekend away…

So one night drinking at the radio bar in London with the girls when a few too many combined with tequila shots resorted to us booking an impromptu trip to Amsterdam. Why not I say?

This is my second trip to Amsterdam this year and I would go again next week if I could! It’s such a great city with loads to do (and eat!) it’s super cheap and only an hour away from life back at home.

Me and 3 of my girl friends made our way towards stansted airport at 5 in the morning, the weather is frrrrreeezing and we’re wrapped up super tight clock watching for our early morning flight. A technical fault and a five hour delay later we are in Amsterdam. We stayed near vondelpark which is the perfect location right in the city 3 minutes from leidensplein – the centre.


After offloading our bags at the room and a touch up on our postflight faces we took our happy exploring selves for a wonder round the city. There are cafés everywhere! On every corner and this made it ideal for a quick nip inside when the cold was getting to us.

cool kıds

we are too cool

SAMSUNG CSCand one actıon shot…

actıon shot

We ate LOADS!! I went with 120euros and somehow managed to spend 100 of it on food alone. Hearing this you’d think i was dining somewhere fancy all weekend. No no, we found a lovely little italian that made the nicest pizzas for 5 euros! Job done! They definitely saw our faces a little too often! The one thing I love about Amsterdam is the chip shops! You heard right, chips! The novelty of chips will never wear thin. You try all year round to eat good and watch your diet and it’s times like this when all your hard work goes down the pan and you sit back and enjoy those sweet carbs! Oooh yes! We ended up going to this one shop twice in the same hour, the man who served us recognised our faces and asked if we came in yesterday, we were not ashamed to admit we were there just 20 mins ago. Heheh!




We explored the sites the city has to offer, the canals, the red light district, the culture and the friendly people. The people of Amsterdam are so relaxed. It’s such an easy way of life over there, no stress of traffic, everyone walks or cycles- Breathing in the fresh non polluted air!

Amsterdam streets vespa


We even met this little guy…

cute dog

This city is so open about sex we couldn’t help but explore inside this gay sex shop…

ditch the bitch

‘Ditch the bitch and make the switch’ we definitely saw more than we intended.

We spent a lot of time in one particular cafe called the Bulldog. There a quite a few of them all over the city and a real hotspot. You can’t miss them.

photo 2 (1)


After being awake for 24 hours we were starting to get delusional and zombiefied….A disco nap later we were wide awake and having a 3am rave in our onesies at the hotel.

photo 1 (1)

Sometimes its nice to get away for a few days…Amsterdam is a great destination especially for a those on a budget.

Hope you enjoyed the post guys!

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