Skin Care Trial…Liz Earle

After a stressful Monday i could feel my skin breaking out under pressure. I already had noticed some changes in my skin but today it seemed to be noticeable on a whole new level – my face felt sore!

I have used so many different products over the years it’s becoming exhausting. Although, we must remember how important it is to find what works for us so unfortunately the sooner we accept this the better.


After having a moan about my skin in the office today, to my surprise i got a lot of feedback on Liz Earle. Up until recently this is not a brand i had heard of.  It was refreshing to be introduced to something totally new and this conversation pretty much made up the debate in my head between Dermologica or not. These two brands could not be more different in terms of what they offer within their range.

Liz Earle is known for it’s natural gentle ingredients whereas Dermologica is mostly chemically constructed with a lot of unfamiliar formulas. Until recently i was alternating between Kielhs Blue Cleanser and Toner with Acnedote Cleanser and Toner which are both heavily chemical based. So why not go from one extreme to another? Can’t hurt to try. Check out the Liz Earle range here

So after a chat with the Sales Assistant here i am with the following items sitting on my bathroom shelf:

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – This product is designed to be used with muslin cloths to gently remove dirt and dead skin cells which cause build up, blackheads and blemishes. Within the whole brand they only have one cleanser and its suitable for all skin type. I was quite dubious when i heard this as i was always under the impression that each skin type had different needs from a product. Where as at Liz Earle they believe that it isn’t about manipulating your skin into something else by stripping the natural oils. They believe the cure is finding the right balance between cleansing and letting your skin produce those natural oils.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – The toner consist of cucumber extract for a soothing effect, aloe vera for hydration and natural sources of vitamin E. This makes a change from the Salicylic acid astringent i was using.  Sounds much scarier than it is. Salicylic Acid is a common ingredient found in acne treatment products. When shopping for direct acne treatment make sure it contains this key ingredient.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator – this is a cream based exfoliator which contains cocoa butter, Eucalyptus and jojoba beads which are smooth round beads used commonly in scrubs. They gently roll away the dead skin cells instead of scratching at your skin. This is something to look out for in an exfoliator.

After using these products tonight my skin feels fresh and immediately less irritated. So far a great start!

I will post a follow up on my results soon.

What are you using right now?

Would love to hear your feedback on Liz Earle.

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