Freshers Fun

So it’s that time of the year again where summer is coming to an end and universities open their doors to welcome the students from all over the country who are starting a whole new chapter of their lives.

Starting university can be a little daunting at first but don’t forget everyone will be in the same position and just as eager as you to meet new people, make friends and transform this foreign environment into their new home! Uni was one of the best times for me, i felt like it developed me as a person and helped me grow into a confident, independent individual. I met some of bestest friends in uni and to this date now we are still close and we have one of those friendships where we will always be in each others lives. Some people will take to making new friends more naturally than others and others will shy away at first and take that little bit longer to come out of their shell. It doesn’t matter which one you are just remember to be yourself and naturally you will find the friendship group that’s on your level.

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Now that i have been a graduate for 3 years uni feels like a lifetime a go but here i am today, sharing my wisdom with those of you about to become a fresher.

Your first few weeks will be full of nights out, freshers fairs, freshers balls and activities designed for you to a) get pissed and b) socialise. Use this time to meet as many people as possible, mingle and remember first impressions are important. The freshers fairs are designed to introduce you to all the offers and student hot spots available to you. There will be loads of freebies there so make the most of them they will come in handy when you are waiting for loan day! (this can be a painful wait)

During your time at uni you will learn three key things (aside from the actual uni work) and that is,

1. How to drink alot and how to drink fast

2. How to cook basic enough meals on a major budget

3. How to improve your drinking stamina for days on end.


(image taken from Tumblr)

Freshers is mostly about boozing and meeting people but you must remember to be safe at all times and be street smart. It’s a new town and you don’t quite know you way round to know where the areas to avoid are.

Tip: make sure you save a local taxi number in your phone. You never know when you might be stranded somewhere alone after a night out.

Most of you will currently be packing, shopping and preparing for your move and wondering ‘what else do i need?’ Aside from you essentials such as bedding, kitchenware, towels, clothes, personal belongings, printers, laptops, stationary etc. Here are some of the common things which are easily forgotten that you will most definitely need.

1. Lots of change (20p’s preferably). During your first year you will most probably stay in the university campus where there will be a shared laundrette. For this you will need a years supply of 20p’s. It’s so handy and towards the end of term when you’re desperate for a night out you will be surprised with how many shots for a £1 you can get with them ;)

2. Storage, again for those who are staying in the university campus your room will be tiny and space is limited! For you girls that have a mass shoe collection or just lots of cosmetics and clothes you will need to find a storage system that works for you. I made use of the deadspace at the end of/under the bed and bought plastic drawers which are perfect for your odd bits and bobs.

3. Extension cables for your dryer/straightener/printer etc. Guaranteed there will not be enough plug sockets so be one step ahead and pack one!

4. Make your own first aid kit. This will be your savour one day when all the drinking and late nights catch up with you and give you a stinking cold. Be prepared. Don’t forget to pack plasters!! They will be used up on your poor feet very quickly with all the partying in your pretty (but painful) shoes.

5. Make your own hangover survival kit. This will differ for your individual needs, mine would consist of an eye mask, super cosy dressing gown, a multi pack of lucozade and a fail safe box set for when you are rotting in bed feeling sorry for yourself.


6. New laptop with insurance or your current laptop, insured! This is super important, i had a horrible habit of spilling tea over my laptop (not just once) and killed the one i started uni with. Not to say this will happen to you but if your laptop dies/breaks you will have a new one on the way shortly after. This brings me onto my next point, which is a USB stick. This will become your bestfriend at uni so make sure you look after it.

7. Lastly, if you have anything that is fancy dress, pack it! You will be having so many themed night such as school discos, 90’s, halloween, baywatch, cheerleaders, pirates and much much more!

I hope you found this useful ♥

Remember to enjoy yourselves, play safe and make the most of your time as a student, it will fly by, trust me!

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