Girl Brain

The mystery of the girl brain and how inconsistent we can be. We grow up feeling strongly about one thing and without any warning at all – switch to the complete opposite!! It’s hard to keep up – even for ourselves. The mood swings and constant indecisiveness.

girl brain

This thought initially came to me when i was admiring my boyfriends stubble today in the car. I had a flash back to the time i thought baby face, freshly shaven, mr smooth was what made me tick, gradually I began to appreciate the 5 o’clock shadow, followed by the rugged sexy stubble to now where it is all about the big, bushy, caveman style beard!!!! How on earth are guys supposed to keep up?

This then got me thinking about how we all went through the GHD stage, it was all about super sleek hair, spending all that time infront of the mirror frazzling every last inch of life out of our hair. How things have changed, i couldn’t tell you the last time i straightened my hair. It’s all about volume – big, messy locks – bigger is better.

Or the time when we used to wear clothes with my little pony on or our favourite cartoon character. Until the moody teenager stage where we repeatedly said ‘muuum that just isn’t cool anymore’ to only rock up to lunch with your rents 8 years later wearing a batman tee, and what?

We over analyse everything, down to the finest detail, we stress and worry and cry about it until we feel better.

We reach for the biscuit tin, chocolate ice cream, cheese (whatever works for us at the time) to feel better and watch episodes of sex and the city we’ve seen for the millionth time until we forget what we were originally stressed about and start worrying about the calorie intake we have just consumed before planning how we can fast tomorrow to make up for our unnecessary snacking.

We see something we like in the stores and cannot concentrate on everyday life until we have it in our possession – no matter how expensive it is, how unnecessary it is to our lives and even if we have one like it at home – we must have this one, it’s newer, nicer and much better version. After several fantasies about how it would look on you and what it would go with in your wardrobe you have a nice crisp store bag swinging in the breeze and this item is yours – success!!

We focus on one thing we dislike about our appearance and will look at this every time we see a photo of ourselves and cringe a little and equally move on to the feature we like the most and make our selves feel better :) and we will always look better with a tan, always.

We can talk for hours on the phone about hair, makeup, boys, clothes etc etc and not get bored. i have actually been on the phone to my best friend whilst using mouth wash (its a close friendship we have). We offer great solid advice as though we have our lives together until we hit an idiotic moment and all our wisdom, common sense and ability to protect ourselves goes out the window.

Wardrobe wars, thinking you have no clothes, trying on everything clean and accessible, hating them all, sulking, trying them all on again only to take them all off again. Sulk some more, cry, ruin your makeup, wear the first outfit you tried on and apologise to your boyfriend for keeping him waiting and then for shouting at him when he said you looked fine. I don’t want to look fine, i want to look NICE!

We have a knack for noticing even the smallest things you never thought could be analysed and dissected and use this to build an entire scenario in our heads on how this is detrimental to us. Inspecting odd behaviour from our partners, turning into a private detective to feed our satisfaction that we were right. We knew something wasn’t right and now we have the proof. This is a classic example of girl brain, if you find yourself behaving in this way you are not in a healthy relationship and i have three words for you – get out now!! If you’re already feeling like this person is not trustworthy (you’re most probably right) and when you are in a solid relationship  you will look back and realise how wrong it was before. Trust me.

Without this turning into a full on advice post – embrace your girl brain!

It makes you real

Hope you enjoyed the post guys, would love to hear your feedback.


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