What’s in my make up bag…?

Hi guys, i thought i would use this post to give you an insight into my make up bag, what goes on my face, what goes in my bag and what i consider a quick fix for when i’m out and about.

Firstly, a good primer is rule number one. There is nothing worse than applying fresh makeup without preparing your base first. A primer gives you a smooth surface for your foundation, allowing you to blend more naturally and to have a longer lasting finish to get you ready for your day.


Secondly, conceal. I have 3 different concealers in my bag and each one is a different shade. I recently stopped using prolong wear by MAC as this was my post holiday colour. My tan has sadly faded so i am gradually using lighter tones for my under eyes and blemishes, MAC mineralize concealer is super smooth and really easy to apply, it blends into the skin and provides great coverage. L’oreal’s TRUE MATCH concealer is also a great little quick-fix through out the day when you feel like your make up has rubbed off or if you’re in need of a freshen up. It’s designed to match the colour and texture of your skin and provides medium coverage.



I’m currently using MAC prolong wear foundation and it does exactly what it says on the tin, longwear. It’s heavy duty coverage is easy to apply and blend, with an added SPF of 10 it’s great for those of you who like to apply make up once and be able to forget about it for the rest of the day.  I use REAL TECHNIQUE Stippling Brush for an even finish followed by MAC Mineralize Powder to set my foundation using REAL TECHNIQUES Expert Face Brush. If you want to invest in new make up brushes try Sophie Chapmans REAL TECHNIQUES range. For those lazy days where i cannot be bothered for a full face of make up i use Garnier Miracle BB cream.


If you’re anything like me your eyebrows will be a huge part of your daily routine, i use a Rimmel eyebrow pencil and spend half my morning sharpening it for absolute precision.  After having over plucked my eyebrows many years ago i am now religiously using RAPIDBROW in hope that it will give me back the nice full brow i once had (fingers crossed)  Have you read my previous post on The Power Brow?? If not please click here.


On another note, how painful is mascara shopping? It’s almost as bad as shopping for jeans. I keep it simple with Maybelline One by One Mascara, it separates my lashes and gives them the volume they lack to show off my big brown eyes! :) and with my standard eyeliner flick i am good to go.

As my tan continues to fade my only saviour for the next few months is MAC bronzer, i am currently using a limited edition one called Refined Golden. Its got a lovely glow to it and allows you to build the colour gradually without looking orange.  As you can see i am a huge MAC fan and my make up bag would not be complete without a couple of fail safe lipsticks, 1. Lady Danger for the statement look and 2. Honeylove for a soft nude colour.


So these are just some of the must have items in my bag.

What do you not leave the house without?

xxx ♥ xxx

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