London Life

I have had the greatest weekend and it’s times like these when i realise just how lucky i am to be living in London. There is always something to see or do and new bars or restaurants to visit. We are all so busy and wrapped up in our work lives that we forget to notice the gems of our city. The best thing about london is that in the summer it becomes something else. The places you walk past every day turn into lively hotspots bustling with londons beautiful social creatures that flourish in the sunshine with their bright playful outfits, bronzed glowing skin, sunglasses and smiles all round.
The grey damp atmosphere in the city is lifted with the opening of rooftop bars, beer gardens, dining al fresco, the smell of BBQ’s, parks and festivals filling the air with that sweet summertime joy.

My weekend was beautifully sunny and started off in the city at 3pm, with a large gin and tonic and a girly catch up, later joined by the boys. Off to the Heron Tower, 40th floor please :) up up up to the terrace bar of Sushi Samba. This place has been on my hit list for quite some time and it was most definitely worth the wait. The view was just incredible and as for the sushi, it was simply delicious. We didn’t intend on eating there but after 1 bottle of the goose down we all decided that you cant come all the way to sushi samba and not have sushi. We ordered the SAO PAULO and SAMBA LONDON from the bar menu and it was devoured in minutes. The staff were super friendly and after the second bottle of goose and tequila shots we were well on our way to merry.

Sushi samba





Saturday morning mainly consisted of a hungover me, reaching out for any form of hydration. After running a few boring errands i was feeling almost human again and spent the rest of the day with the boy and family at Parkside Farm in Enfield for strawberry picking! Great day for it and lets be honest the fresh air and organic fruit did me the world of good after a night of drinking. I am originally from East Sussex and every summer we would pick a day to go strawberry picking followed by a family picnic but this was my first experience in London and in it definitely felt like being home for the afternoon.


Sunday I was at the Emirates Stadium for the emirates cup, this was so much fun and I actually enjoyed watching football, for once.


The atmosphere was so full of energy. I totally became a dedicated arsenal fan for the day, got myself a kit and everything :)



Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

For all you Londoners who love the city vibe get yourself to Sushi Samba, you need to buy bottles to sit on the terrace which can be pricey but with a group of you it’s definitely the best shout, enjoy the view and the sunshine while it lasts :) and don’t forget to try the sushi.


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