Let The Sun Shine

It’s officially 5 weeks to my holiday! This only means one thing; prep time! The idea of wearing a bikini right now is mortifying. So here is a climpse of what i will have on my agenda over the next few weeks.


1. Inner body
Change your diet. Eat clean. Eat nutritious, low fat, rich in vitamin super foods. Eat your five a day and snack on dried fruits and nuts if you have a cheeky craving. There are so many sweet alternatives you can chose for dessert instead of processed sugars. One of favourite snacks is mango which is so sweet and refreshing. My favourite dessert is fat free Greek yoghurt with organic honey and walnuts. (Some may say I have a small obsession with yoghurt)

I don’t believe in starving yourself. If you eat the right foods in moderation you will see the benefits and not suffer from that hankering for sugar. Allow yourself a treat now and then there is no rule to say you are not allowed treats.

By making these small changes not only will you see the physical results but you will feel like a new person. Sugary, high in fat foods will only leave you feeling tired, sluggish and in need of more snacks to fulfil the aftermath of sugar rush you so rapidly lose after eating these foods.

2. Hydration is key.
Drink plenty of water. Don’t leave the house without a bottle of water in your handbag or in your car, make sure you have one on your desk if most of your day consists of sitting behind a desk. Water is so important for your body, it will help with digestion, your skin will be glowing and you will feel revived.
Drink green tea, it is packed full of antioxidants, helps burn fat and is perfect for that preholiday detox.

3. Exercise
Do some exercise, tone that booty and get your blood pumping. This doesn’t need to be extreme but find a routine that works for you. Doing this 3 times a week will keep you fit and as a result you will feel more confident strutting in your bikini. (Even if your definition of exercise is taking the stairs instead of the lift – it all counts!)

4. Skin
Before you jet off, make sure you are exfoliating your body with a nice rich body scrub twice a week! Removing the dull, dead skin cells will leave you with a glowing, longer lasting, even tan! It doesn’t end here, you MUST slap on the moisturiser religiously after you exfoliate. My all time favourite is Palmers Cocoa Butter. It smells divine!

5. Hair removal
If you’re anything like me you will want a hassle free holiday where shaving is the last thing on your mind. Wax it all off! No pain no gain they say. Book yourself in 2 days before your flight to allow the redness to go down and get legs, bikini and arm pits all striped bare, no fuss of shaving. Plus it’s one less thing to pack in your suitcase!
6. Mani/pedi
I am really anal about having nails painted at all times! Can’t stand the sight of chipped nail varnish and because of this always paint my own nails and give myself a manicure or pedicure. Which is why I love getting them done before I go away for a treat! As you may all be well aware of Shellac, this is a must if you are off to a sunny beach. It’s gel formula is chip free and totally water resistant. They look super glossy and freshly manicure for up to 3weeks!

7. SPF
Now to the serious stuff. Protecting your skin from sun damage is extremely important. The effects of sun damage can be so severe and life changing that it just isn’t worth the risk. Make sure that you are using a sensible SPF cream. I always use SPF 15, but in the midday sun SPF 30 should be applied. Carry around a mini bottle in your handbag just incase you feel like you need to reapply when you are out and about. It sounds silly but once you burn you will not be able to enjoy the rest of the sun. Matching outfits to lobster red is never fun. After sun lotion comes hand in hand with sun cream, it doesn’t do the same job but is equally as important for cooling and hydrating your skin. You don’t want to look like a leather handbag in ten years time.


Keep it simple. Last thing you want to do is cake on makeup when you’re in a hot country. If you’re conscious about coverage, invest in BB cream this will give you a light finish. Aside from this a pair of sunglasses, a slick of mascara and a bright lippy is all you need.
Less is more.

9. Accessories.
There’s never enough excuses to buy yourself a hat. An oversized floppy hat, a straw trilby or a floral headband is super cute for the beach or for those unexpected long walks you take on holiday. My staple accessory this year will be the turban headband.

10. Lastly, have fun :)


Hope you have somewhere fabulous to jet off to this summer! If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful please share your thoughts and feel free to share this with your friends :)



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