The Importance of Skincare

Everyone has a skin care routine and product range that they are happy with after having spent a lot of money and time trialling numerous products. The annoying part is that our skin starts to become immune to the products we have been using and our skin demands change with time.

Until recently i was religiously using the Clinique 3-step for oily to combination skin. This was perfect for me but it got to a point where i was starting to get blemishes. This meant my foundation wasn’t giving me enough coverage and i decided to change to a much heavier formula which only aggravated the problem. I stopped using 3-step and shopped around for a replacement. In the meanwhile i bought Neutrogena facewash, which is a 2 in 1 face wash and mask, it has a thick creamy formula and is really good for removing make up and when you feel like your face needs a deeper clean you can use the mask by leaving the product on your face for a few more minutes and will result to your skin feeling soft and cleansed.

Having searched high and low i finally stumbled upon Kiehls. Currently i am using the oil free ultra facial toner, blue herbal gel cleanser and the deep pore cleansing mask, which is designed to draw out spots. This product scared me at first but i realised that my skin had to get worse before it could get better. Kiehls have a fantastic product range and is definitely worth checking out! They always give samples with every purchase as well which is great as you get to try out some of their other products without committing to buy.


Using a mask is really good for opening the pores, an exfoliator is the next step and the best way to get deep into those exposed pores to remove any last traces of oil and makeup. Doing this atleast once a week will give you blemish free skin and eliminate blackheads. Blackheads only form when the natural oils in our skin become oxidized which as a result creates the black colouring. The key to preventing this is to cleanse your skin throughly on a daily basis before getting to this stage. In addition to this the makeup, sweat, dirt and dead skin if not removed will block the pores and start to form bacteria on our skin and this then leads to inflamed red spots.

When looking for an exfoliator it is really important to make sure you buy one which will not irritate your skin, especially for those of you who have sensitive or dry skin. I always look for ones which have beads as opposed to crushed particles. A common exfoliator is one with apricot extracts and this has rough edges which scratch the skin, beads however have a smooth surface which will gently exfoliate. I am currently using No.7 TOTAL RENEWAL, Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator from Boots, it is very good value and i would recommend it to everyone.

After you have exfoliated it is extremely important to moisturise. I cannot stress this enough. You will have stripped your skin of all its natural oils and without replacing this with fresh lick of moisturiser your skin will only generate excess oils and give you bigger problems!

Another common mistake people make is facewipes – those of you who rely on these as your skin care routine STOP NOW. Throw them away! I will admit they are convenient and really handy if you are on the move but trust me when i say this you will only make your skin worse. Face wipes do not cleanse thoroughly, they remove only a fraction of the make up on your face and has you simply moving the rest of the dirt and makeup around your face instead of actually removing it! They are harsh against the skin and NEVER removes eye makeup, you could rub for days and it will not budge. The eye area is very sensitive and rubbing it rigorously to remove make up will sag the skin and will make you look older and tired. Also, if you aren’t using any form of eye cream or night cream yet, now is the time to buy one, this should be a vital part of your skin care routine.

As you can see your skin is very high maintenance but well worth your time and money as looking after your skin will delay signs of ageing and will leave you looking fresh and glowing all year round.

Hope you found this helpful


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Skincare

  1. I’ve thrown away my wipes! They always hurt my face when i use them… ur blog persuaded me to chuck them in the bin even though they were only for emergency.I need a new eye cream..and you could recommend?

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