Trend Report – AW13

I personally love the summer and everything that comes with it, warm, bright days, colourful clothes, sunglasses, sunkissed skin, the beach, ice creams, flip flops, the smell of freshly cut grass (the list goes on). But being a winter baby, really has me appreciating the Autumn too, crisp mornings, pavements covered with leaves, cosy pyjamas, chunky knit scarves, my fur collection, hot drinks, bonfires and outerwear items. This is the season that brings us back the darker hues, heavier fabrics and different textures.

After having looked through the AW13 shows i thought i would share with you the key shapes and features which i was drawn to the most. Although i haven’t even started buying my summer wardrobe yet, it is never too early to see whats round the corner for the next season and get a head start on the trends.

In a nutshell AW13 trends have a clean look, with very angular detailing, clean cut feminine shapes, minimal prints, zip detailing, mixing fabrics, low plunging necklines, exaggerated sleeves and a lot of white. I’ve looked through the collections of Suboo, Meticevski, Michael Lo Sordo, Phoenix Keating, Alex Perry, G.V.G.V and Haryono Setiadi. Below are some of the images from the shows which capture the key detailing we expect to be seeing on our highstreet very soon.

AW13 fashion trend report 5

Both of these designs above are from Maticevski, really nice exaggerated detailing around the neck on simple designs creates the perfect balance.

AW13 fashion trend report 6

Exaggerated shoulder pads have evolved into the exaggerated sleeves. Both of these designs are from the Haryono Setiadi collection.

AW13 fashion trend report 4

I absolutely LOVE the floral embroidered low neckline sleeveless blazer by Maticevski, the designs from this collection are all so beautiful and have that clean, sharp finish but with a feminine twist.

AW13 fashion trend report 3

White and sheer, not the usual suspects we see for an AW collection, makes a nice change and means we can wear some of our high summer pieces through to Autumn. From Left to Right, Karla Spetic, Haryono Setiadi and Karla Spetic again.

AW13 fashion trend report 2

Another massive favourite for me is the mixed fabric pieces. Phoenix Keating has a fantastic range of very gothic chic designs. The use of heavy fabrics mixed with woven, satin materials create a great contrast effect and the two work really well together in a top. I love the elongated collars with the collar tips, they really add to the gothic image Phoenix Keating was aiming for.

AW13 fashion trend report 1

Zip detailing looks fabulous against heavier autumnal fabrics, the zip from top to bottom creates a very sharp look. The above are taken from Alex Perry and Maticevski collections. Alex Perry has made the zip a very focal part in most of her designs for this season in dresses and blazers.

I love the amount of white there is, it really adds to the sharp, clean image of AW13.

What are your thoughts on AW13?


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