April Treat

Even though the weather in London is wet and miserable with the downpour of April showers it hasn’t stopped me from buying peep toe sandals in preparation for the sun. Until recently i was reluctant to buy my summer wardrobe but there are some great items out there waiting to be shopped and we must not let the cold dampen our spirits for shopping!

I have to be honest with myself here i have a ridiculous shoe collection and needn’t buy any more shoes buuuut a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Studded Black Sandals fraction action

These black and gold studded sandals are my treat purchase for the month and im dying to wear them. There are a few colours in this style and i was torn between a nubuck yellow and black colourblock pair and the leather studded. As soon as i tried on the studded pair i knew they were the ones for me. The studs give this shoe an edgy look and combined with the block heel makes it a perfect transition from day to evening. As an added bonus the fact they are black makes them much more versatile and it doesn’t have to be 20+ degrees to wear them. They will look great with some turned up boyfriend jeans and a casual tee.

Fraction Action

The peep toe element to these shoes excite me very much and instantly get me on to my next thought – pedicures!! I cannot wait to let my toes see some day light again and to give them some love by painting them pretty bright colours – hurry.up.summer!!


My new sandals are inspired by the SS13 Fendi footwear range with the peep toe, stud detailing, chunky heel and general shape. Fendi have this style in so many fabulous colours, they all look amazing! Sadly i cant afford a pair of Fendi’s but picked up a similar pair in leather for just £55.00 from Office – absolute bargain!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend
Would love to get your thoughts on these

Til next time…


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