Statement Sunnies

These freezing temperatures has me pining for some sun even more than I already was. We are already celebrating Easter, the official beginning of spring and not a single warm ray of sun has been seen yet!

But don’t let the cold kill your summer spirit though kids! I certainly haven’t stopped shopping for sunglasses! The great thing about this summer is that sunglasses have become quite the statement accessory. We are so used to seeing celebrities in the press hiding behind their shades although, now the sunglasses trends are seriously turning heads. They are new edgy shapes, jewelled frames, extra detailing, reflective lenses and new exciting frames.
SPANGLED SJ STYLEE have a great collection for this years spring/summer season. I have selected some of my favourites below. Click here for the full range.


Anna dello Russo one of the biggest fashion icons of our time, launched her line for H&m in 2012 and these gold detail sunglasses was one of the most talked about items. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of a very big trend. I love sunglasses and am eager to whip them out at any given opportunity (except for indoors as I find this very uncool!) and now with all this added detail I will be showing off my sunglasses come rain or shine!
Anna dello russo sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory and the good thing is you don’t have to wreck your fabulous expensive ones at the beach when there are so many high street brands that have their own collection of statement sunnies for as little as £1 !

Statement sunglasses

Below is my top 3 must have sunglasses shapes for this summer. The cat eye glasses are my first pair so far and will be one of many i am sure, they are incredibly feminine and instantly give you an edgy but glamorous look.


My celebrity style icon for sunglasses is definitely Rihanna, she always has STUNNING shades – I would love to own even half her collection. The Chanel round black glasses look amazing!!


Which sunnies will you be rocking out this summer?

Do you think statement sunnies are tacky or fabulous? Would love to hear your thoughts guys!


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