Is pink the new red?

With spring just round the corner I am eager to experiment with fresh colours, renew some of my make up by eliminating the winter hues and make room for those lighter textures, shimmered powders and bright fun colours.

I am loving the shades of pink out there at the moment. There are so many varying tones to suit all complexions. If you think finding the right red was hard, let it be known pink is no easier. To read my previous post on red lipstick please click here.

Hot pink lipstick

Rose or nude pinks can be worn all year round for a softer, natural look and I can guarantee we all have that one shade of lipstick that we are comfortable with. Although, this is the time to step out of our comfort zones and branch out for colour. Youโ€™ll just need to be that little bit more cautious when shopping for the pink that turns heads.

Pink was reintroduced to us by Nicki Minaj when she launched her own MAC range to compliment her album Pink Friday. The colours within her range are very much fashion colours and designed to create that Barbie-esque look. Those of you who are fans of the artist will already be familiar with her individual sense of style and how she is a huge fan of colour.

Pink Friday - Nicki MInaj

As much as I love colour myself I can appreciate that not all pinks are right for me, I made this mistake many years ago when I bought my first nude pink MAC lipstick, oh how I got it so wrong! To avoid this you firstly need to identify your undertone.
Ive included this really helpful chart i came across on, this should help and really get you thinking about your skin.


Pale complexions should avoid bold colours as these appear too harsh against the skin, colours which are softer and sheer compliment this skin type better.

Light complexions can look fabulous with colour, from lighter tones to the brighter colours, especially candy pinks, peachy tones and those with hints of purple – fuchsia.

Medium/olive complexions – as with the light complexions can wear pink across all shades although it should be noted that nude pinks will need to be chosen carefully, as some colours will make you appear unwell, warm nude tones are preferred to those which have cooler hues.

Darker complexions look incredible with bold colours, the brighter the better.
Richer colour palettes really accentuate the intensity of the colour against their skin tone.
Those of you who have dark skin are also blessed with clear, glowing skin which is a bonus when using colour to enhance your facial features!
The only thing to avoid with dark skin is pale pinks, some pale coloured lipsticks can look great in a delicate way and others can look too harsh against the skin.

Celebrities hot pink lipstick

My favourite pink this season is this hot pink colour that seems to compliment most skin types and looks so fresh! It ticks all the boxes for me and the good thing is all cosmetics brands across the high street have their own version of this colour. If youโ€™re a loyal MAC customer you won’t be surprised to know they have a extensive range and for those who are looking to spend a little less Barry M will not disappoint.

Barry m hot pink lipstick

Or other high street brands that caught my eye include; NARS, Sleek, Smashbox and Chanel. If you’re after a pink lipstick I would definitely check out these brands first!

I would love to hear which pinks your favourite?



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