Clear as day

The contents of a woman’s handbag is an absolute mystery. If you’re anything like me you won’t travel light, everything and anything comes with me in my daily handbag. Which makes me question could I handle a clear bag? All your clutter will be exposed for everyone to see. There is no room for hiding that half eaten chocolate bar in your bag or the fact you like to carry around an umbrella, sunglasses AND a torch, just incase!

It’s like when you go to someone’s house for the first time, you are immediately bombarded with facts about that person and the things they like in their surroundings. With a handbag it’s no different, it’s your choice what you want to take with you which almost suggests these are your everyday essentials and I’m not talking about keys, oyster passes and the other obvious items you need out and about.

Perhaps this is the element I quite like about this translucent accessory. There’s something about the contents of someone else’s bag that strangely interests me.

You can tell a lot about someone by what they can’t go a day without. My handbag is full of clutter as well as my essentials; 3 or 4 lipsticks floating at the bottom, a pot of cherry scented carmex, half a dozen hair grips and a notebook. This all sounds very normal however, a while back I had a plastic spider in my bag left from 2 halloweens ago! It just ended up living in my bag for a very long time (random right?)

I asked a handful of my girlfriends what they have carried around in their bags before and the answers were quite strange to say the least;

Image 1

Chances are if we owned a clear handbag we’d be more conscious of what we’re exposing to everyone. I think they are a great idea and really give off a beachy summer vibe! I think we would just need to be abit more selective with the items we carry around or alternatively embrace the transparency and reveal the deep, dark contents of our handbags with all it’s randomness.

I love this Charlotte Olympia clutch Olivia Palermo is carrying, she just can’t do wrong in my eyes and because I can’t rave about her enough, please check out my previous post on Olivia’s style here.

Olivia Palermo clear clutch

Other clear bags below, I LOVE the pink trim satchel and the Prada clutch!

Clear handbags

What are your thoughts on this transparent accessory for the summer?


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