Fluoro Fever

Seeing the brightly coloured neon accessories in the Louis Vuitton SS13 collection reminded me of what an awesome accessory a little splash of colour makes! These fluoro colours creep in and out of fashion and allows us to revel in our guilty pleasure for ‘disco’. The thing about these colours is when they come back in and they are BIG but they date very quickly, until next time of course.

Louis Vuitton neon

Question is will you introduce these colours back into your wardrobe or are you over it? Personally, I’m all for it (in small doses!) and i don’t mean tutu’s or leg warmers. Im thinking more jewellery, hats, handbags or nails, perhaps a boyfriend tee or a skirt, teamed up with a leather jacket to tone it down. The colours are so vibrant and loud the smaller items speak for themselves, in this case less is definitely more!


American Apparel always have a great selection of colour and if you want a basic top, it’s the best place to go, they even have neon nail varnishes too!

American apparel neon

As I was browsing the shops this afternoon I went into Forever21 who have fluoro blouses at great value and an enormous selection of fluoro jewellery! I grabbed myself this gold chain detail necklace for £6.65! Absolute bargain!

Neon forever 21

Or perhaps you’d like to go smaller and brighten up your make up, my two favourites from MAC are IMPASSIONED and MORANGE.
Mac neon

The Cambridge Satchel Company have their collection of fluoro bags for a more practical accessory…

The fluro Cambridge satchel company

Fluoro is not just for the girls, guys can also add a touch of colour to their wardrobe with small details. I love the fluro soles on these brogues, or for a more casual dresser these Adidas high tops look awesome!

Neon shoes

Will you be embracing neon?


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