The Power Brow

When did the brow become so big?

We now spend a good portion of our morning beefing up our eyebrows. I have become so attached to my eyebrow pencil i now feel naked without my eyebrows defined. It’s definitely ranking higher than my mascara these days.

The question is, are we doing it right? What upsets me the most is when people take the time to fill in their eyebrows but make them look worse. The first thing to do is find the shape that works with your face shape. This is very much an experimental process and will take some time. In the meanwhile it will give you a great chance to perfect your techniques. Secondly, find a shade that looks natural, for brunettes, this should be a tone lighter than your hair colour. Redheads – light brown or auburn tomes and blondes – a light medium brown, possibly a taupe colour depending on how much definition you want to add. Some people prefer using a powder to fill in there brows for a more natural look.

Smashbox do a great range for brows including a waterproof pencil check out the Smashbox range here.

Is there such a thing as the perfect brow?


1. Imagine a vertical line from the corner of your nose, this is where your brow should start.
2. From the same point at your nose, imagine a line 3/4 of the way across, this is where the arch should be.
3. Finally, from the same point again, imagine a line towards the outer corners of your eye, this is where your brow should end.

This is what is considered as the perfect shape brow and it is still different for everyone as you are using your own facial features as your guide.

Eyebrows are extremely tricky, once the hair follicle is damaged during plucking it is unlikely that hair will grow back. So, whilst some of you would be blessed with beautiful full eyebrows which won’t stop growing, there is a proportion of us who over plucked once upon a time and pray that our eyebrows would grow back.

Unfortunately for me, my eyebrows are sparse as it is and combined with over plucking back in the day you can imagine how gutted I am now they won’t grow!
Some people call it a blessing that I never need to tweeze my eyebrows now, but personally i wish I had taken more care when I first started tweezing as you can’t beat natural eyebrows! So for those who are new to this make sure you get them done professionally to begin with and once you have the shape you are happy with, plucking out the stray hairs which grow back should be simple enough.

♦Top tip♦

Only tweeze once you have clean, make up free skin and do not apply any makeup after for a while as the hair follicles are still exposed and you don’t want to clog them up with makeup!

As fashion changes so does the trend for brows, as you are all aware the power brow is in full force and has us all wishing for that look. Model Cara Delevinge has us all green with envy as she shows off her beautiful full brows on the catwalks this year. I’m sure we can all recall back to a time when bushy eyebrows were not in the slightest attractive but that’s a thing of the past now. Bigger is better!

Power brow - cara Delevinge

Cara Delevinge eyebrows

To avoid the drawn on look, have a fresh sharpened pencil or a slanted firm brush and make gentle strokes with your pencil or powder and build up the colour slowly.

Stila eyebrow pencilStila have an amazing double ended brush for £19.00, which is perfect for those you prefer to use powder. Check out the Stila website here. Most eyebrow pencils have a brush on the end which is handy as this is an essential tool to brush your brows before you start and during to brush away the excess.
I would draw a faint outline to begin with using the 3 rules above and that way you can avoid going over the top.

To finish off, use a concealer below and above to tidy up the brow line and to define the shape, use a lighting dusting of highlighter just below the brow to illuminate your good work :)

Hope you found this post helpful, would love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy supersizing those brows!


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