Pretty In Print

Solange Knowles

If anyone can pull off clashing prints it’s this girl! I just love her style and how she makes all her outfits look playful and fun! Not to mention her amazing hair. If you hadn’t already noticed from my previous posts, I love things that are big, bold and make a statement.

Solange Knowles Style
Solange Knowles is all about bright, loud colours, big hair and statement prints. One of my favourite outfits of hers is the brick print 2 piece trouser suit in the ‘losing you’ video. The video is so full of colour and energy, I can’t rate it enough.

Brick print suit

I later discovered the brick print suit is actually a design by Moschino.

Another favourite outfit from the video is the wallpaper bomber jacket. It’s becoming quite apparent that I have a strange liking towards wall related prints…

Wall print bomber solange

Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing prints let alone putting them together. Even though its a daunting thought and could be quite tricky, I feel we all need to take a leaf out of Solange’s book and be brave. Embrace the prints and find the colour that makes you feel good!

Print solange

Having established that there isn’t a single print this girl wouldn’t look good in, lets move on. Here comes my favourite part – the statement accessory!
As a female we can all admit we feel empty without a handbag and most times it’s the accessory that completes the outfit. Some of us will happily go by with a pocket sized handbag and others carry around everything they could think of including the kitchen sink! Solange Knowles is a big fan of a statement handbag, my favourites are the bright yellow Chanel and the circular globe one! Check them out below.

Bags solange

Hope you enjoyed that guys, would love to know your thoughts



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