Be bold. Be beautiful

Marilyn - Red

I just love lipstick! In my opinion the brighter the better. I do love nude, glossy lips as well but nothing beats a bright colour to lift your mood, make a statement and have you feeling ultra feminine.

mum and daughter

We all grew up watching our mums put on lipstick in the mirror and pray the day we could wear lipstick would hurry up! Over the last few years red lipstick has gone from big to BIG and there are so many shades! Colours and tones you could only imagine, each and every single one different for the season, your skin tone and the overall look you want to achieve. It is really important to take the time to find the colour thats right for you. Once you find ‘the one’ that you feel comfortable with, i guarantee you won’t put it down. Personally, i prefer the retro red with a tint of orange, as someone with olive skin i find this shade works for me the best.

Red Lipstick

I swear by MAC make up and when in need of a new lipstick or a treat from me to me thats the first place i will go. Did you know that if you return 6 empty MAC containers back to a store you’ll get a lipstick of your choice, absolutely free!!!
I always carry my top 3 faves in my handbag, not just for touch ups throughout the day but to freshen up for after work drinks or for those lazy days where you throw on some skinnies and a tee and decide to add some last minute accessories and a lippy to jazz up your outfit!

My top 3

1. Morange by MAC

2. Lady Danger by MAC

3. Wicked by TOPSHOP

♦ Top Tip ♦

If you’re not particularly ‘feeling’ your outfit one day or you got ready in a hurry, make the decision to go bold and turn your outfit from effortless to effortlessly chic with a splash of colour on your lips. You don’t even need a full face of make up. I LOVE the image below, the red is so striking it really makes that wow statement.


Here’s a few images of celebrities with different skin tones and hair colouring wearing red lipstick

celebrities red lipstick

Happy Friday kids


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