Celebrity style

Olivia Palermo 

Everyone has a celebrity they idolise and a style icon they look up to. Wishing they could be  their best friend for one day or to simply raid their wardrobe. I can go through phases with celebrities, some can look incredible yet occasionally slip up by overdoing it and some remain effortlessly stylish.

One of my favourite style icons is Olivia Palermo – i find her absolutely beautiful and think she always looks immaculate. Did someone say girl crush? ♥

She always has perfectly polished nails, glossy hair and endless accessories, completing her outfit and looking the definition of stylish.
Her slender figure provides the perfect frame for shorts and maxi skirts, but lets be honest here she’d look amazing in almost everything.

Olivia’s style favourites

  1. Statement jewellery
  2. Red nail polish
  3. A blazer
  4. Sunglasses

1. Statement jewellery

Olivia Palermo jewellery

2. Red Nails

Olivia Palermo red nails

3. The Blazer

Olivia Palermo Blazer

4. Sunglasses

Olivia Palermo sunglasses

Style snap shots

Here are some more images…

Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo 4

Hope you enjoyed admiring Olivia’s style as much as i do!

Would love to hear your thoughts



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