Hello Hollywood

The V & A Hollywood Costume Exhibition

If you are a fan of cinema you are in for a treat! Imagine two of your favourite desserts rolled into one amazing concoction. This is what it felt like when i visited the V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibition. Not only did it showcase favourite films of mine but also the iconic costumes from each one.

Hollywood Costume Exhibition

It was absolutely fascinating how costume design has become more and more significant in films and how it has developed alongside technology itself, where TV transformed from black and white to colour, the emphasis on costumes accelerated. These carefully chosen outfits highlight key elements of the script, the era and the personality of the characters by bringing the characters to life. Especially when viewing costumes from Oceans 11 and Fight Club.

I love a good chick flick. We all have those favourites where we will know the film from start to finish and word for word. One of mine is How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. You can imagine just how excited I was to see THE yellow dress and the Isadora diamonds from Harry Winston showcased at this exhibition!!

How to lose a guy in 10 days.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to touch or take photos inside, which is a real shame. I did manage to take a sneaky photo of Dorothy’s sparkly red shoes though!! This was one of the final pieces of the exhibition, positioned next to the one and only Marilyn Monroe and her signature white dress. Whenever i see a photo or a a quote or any other memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe it always makes me smile :)

Red Sparkly Shoes

One of my other favourite sections of this exhibition was the tudor dresses from the films Mary Antoinette, Elizabeth and Shakespeare in love. The costumes were jewelled head to toe, corsets cinching in waists and exaggerated shapes in thick luxurious fabrics. They were simply breathtaking. I just wanted to feel the weight of these dresses and the heavy embellishment on them. In addition to this they have costumes of super heroes which i would say is one for the boys but I’m a bit of a comic book geek myself!

Amongst these, there are so many more costumes from some truly timeless classic films, old and new. For those who live in London do not miss this exhibition and even those of you who are able to visit regularly i would really recommend you take the time to experience this for yourselves.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the Christmas festivities <3


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