The boots that were forgotten…

I recently had a clear out of my wardrobe, as you do and came across a pair of knee high military boots i totally forgot i owned. I’ve always heard people say this and often thought to myself  ‘how can you forget something like that’ but apparently it happens!

These leather boots are from Dune, they are so comfortable and i loved them at the time but gradually must have neglected these or bought new ones – which is a more likely scenario, we are all guilty of it I’m sure. I considered selling these on eBay but couldn’t bring myself to do it and I’m glad i didn’t as military has once again swept the high street. Brass button detailing, epaulettes, parka jackets with contrast sleeves, camouflage and of course the signature colour khaki.

So having found these boots, i have decided to introduce them back into my wardrobe and took them out to play today. I wore them with some super thick leggings, an over-sized jumper, leather jacket and a faux fur stole. I had my classic top knot hair do with natural makeup, lightly bronzed cheeks and nude lips.

Military Boots

See what you can find at the back of your wardrobe…

Happy hunting <3


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