Bridget Jones Style

After having an uber productive day, i decided to spend my evening on the sofa with the ultimate British chick flick, Bridget Jones’ Diary. I cannot watch this movie enough especially as it’s so close to Christmas!In fact one of the first scenes with Colin Firth and his reindeer jumpers inspired me to write this post…


For me, Christmas day is all about the Christmas jumper. Lets be honest the majority of us will either be hungover or ready to spend the day eating and drinking – or both! Comfort is key.

Simple leggings and a festive jumper is all you need for that extra ‘give’ around the waist line. (Diet will continue after New Years). This year i have gone for an urban outfitters Disney jumper. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE IT. I see myself potentially wearing it all year round. I was in the store for a good hour trawling through their piles of Christmas themed jumpers! For those of you who are yet to buy yours, check out Urban Outfitters, the prices vary but on average you’re looking at £30.00.

Primark have a great collection of knitted statement jumpers for £12.oo and i’ve spotted some cute ones from ASOS too. I’ve picked photos of some of my favourites…

photo(7)photo(8)   photo(10)photo(9)photo(6)

I’ve included a sneak preview of my Disney jumper on to the end, isn’t it adorable?


What will you be wearing this Christmas?


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